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Haj Pilgrimage

Haj Pilgrimage from India (out of the Quota allocated to India by KSA for each Haj season) is performed by Two Ways, i.e.,

  1. Either, through Haj Committee of India
  2. Or, through Recognized Private Tour Operators

Haj Committee of India

Haj Committee of India (HCoI) in close coordination with State/UT Haj Committees (SHCs) invites Applications for each year Haj season from Indian Citizens for Haj Pilgrimage, to fulfill the Quota allocated to it by the Haj Division of the Ministry of Minority of Affairs, Government of India, for each Haj season.

In-turn, HCoI in joint collaboration with Consulate General of India, Jeddah (CGI) make all the arrangements as mandated by The Haj Committee Act, 2002 and in-conformity with the Policy framed by Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.

Muslim Citizens of India, willing to go for Haj Pilgrimage through HCoI, may like to contact either their respective SHC or HCoI. They may also get all relevant information from HCoI website Haj Committee of India - Website.

Private Tour Operators

Private Tour Operators (PTOs) are allocated definite number of seats each year Haj season. Accordingly, they advertise their seats and packages and take their pilgrims to Saudia Arabia on their own arrangements.

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